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Established in 1995, located in Xianyang, the ancient capital of China and the headstream of traditional Chinese medicine culture, Shaanxi Momentum Qixuehe Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd have grown up from small and weak to big and strong in the wave of transformation of pharmaceutical industry. Located at high and new technology industrial development zone, Momentum Pharmaceutical base covers an area of 100,000 square meters and building area of 15,600 square meters. Momentum has 536 staffs of management, scientific research and production, among whom 10% are senior executives, 75% are professional technical personnel. Enterprise total assets exceed 200 million yuan.


Under the guidance of enterprise culture concept Credit, Law-abidance and Innovation, Shaanxi Momentum Pharmaceutical has been awarded Model Enterprise in Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Industry, Contract-emphasizing and Credit Enterprise and AAA Credit Client in several consecutive years. Mr. Wang Baoan was named model worker of Xianyang City in 2007, socialism with Chinese characteristics excellent builders in thirty years of reform and opening up in 2008 by Shaanxi Provincial People's Government, as well as advanced individual in the construction of rural area by Xianyang private entrepreneurs.


In recent years, under the policy support of developing of traditional Chinese medicine industry energetically, Shaanxi Momentum Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd invests near 100 million RMB in R&D area and expands manufacture base, as well as 50 million RMB in buying new equipments. Now, Momentum has 9 medical preparation production lines which have passed the national GMP certification. In the process of independent development and protection of intellectual property rights, Momentum has finished production combination and configuration in the departments of gynecology, paediatrics, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, orthopaedics, urology, hepatology, dermatology, nephrology and so on by applying the method of combining independent research and cooperative development.


Situated at Momentum manufacture base, process engineering center provides strict and efficient quality guidance in the manufacture of all products. The GMP management systems have infiltrated in every links in the production chain to make sure the safety from manufacture to distribution.Known as leading products in the field of gynecology, Qixuehe Capsule is in great demand in consecutive year in domestic market, and wins widely praise among millions of patients. Belongs to Three Types of National New Medicines and possessed twenty years of national patent protection, Compound Furong Paoteng Suppository is the only effervescent suppository in domestic gynecological medicine market. Belongs to Six Types of National New Medicines, Gongyueshu Capsule, Xiaoer Qingre Xuanfei Plaster, Shuangjin Weichang Capsule, Xinsuning Capsule, Shuangteng Jingu Tablet and Shuangshi Tonglin Capsule have a wide market., nique & reliable effect as well as indubitable usage safety. Zhixue Quyu Mingmu Tablet, Chuyi Mingmu Tablet, Rupikang Tablet, Yangshen Yishen Capsule, Xianglu Yiyang Capsule, Shenyang Capsule and other 9 products have possessed twenty years of national patent protection. Guanxin Danshen Capsule, Xiaoyin Capsule and other 2 medicines are not only belonging to Four Types of new medicines, but also National Protected Variety of TCM.


Persevering in network construction as bases, brand building as core, culture building as support, quality building as life and making progress through science and technology construction,   Shaanxi Momentum Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd is extending its markets scope constantly. In the years of practice, multiple channel sales modes have come in being. Now, Momentum has possessed itself with mature management system, powerful leading brand, widespread market influence, and rich cultural atmosphere. Insisting on the progress principle of quality first and science and technology leading, Momentum is willing to cooperate with anyone from home and abroad who is determined to contribute to human health, and let us hand in hand for a better future.



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