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Established in 1995, located in Xianyang, the ancient capital of China and the headstream of traditional Chinese medicine culture, Shaanxi Momentum Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd have grown up from small and weak to big and strong in the wave of transformation of pharmaceutical industry. Located at high and new technology industrial development zone, Momentum Pharmaceutical base covers an area of 100,000 square meters and building area of 15,600 square meters. .
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Xiaoyin Jiaonang
Formula for Psoriasis
Shuangteng Jingu Pian
Joint-flexiblizing Tablet
Qixuehe Jiaonang
Formule for Beauty
Desheng Pian
Prescription for Emmeniopathy
Fufang Furong Paotengshuan
Prescription for Vulval Prurit
Xinsuning Jiaonang
Formula for Palpitation
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Donation to international research collaboration
Instructions of Xinsuning Jiaonang
Shuangshi Tonglin Jiaonang(SST) herbal capsules
Eight foods for women in menstruation
What is Chinese Medicine?
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