Xinsuning Jiaonang
[Common name]
Formula for Palpitation
[Pharmaceutical dosage]
[Product specifications]
[Attending functions]
Clearing away heat to resolve phlegm, tranquilize heart beat to relieve palpitation. It can treat palpitation, oppression in the chest, vexation, susceptibility to fright, dry mouth with bitter taste, insomnia and profuse dreaming, dizziness and intermittent pulse caused by phlegm-heat attacking the heart. It is applicable for low moderate ventricular premature beat caused by coronary heart disease and viral myocarditis.   
[Usage and dosage]
Take it orally 4 capsules each time and 3 times a day.
[Approval number]
National Drugs Approval Number: Z20050131
Product introduction:


Ingredients:Rhizoma Coptidis(黄连); Rhizoma Pinelliae(半夏); Poria(茯苓); Fructus Aurantii(枳实); Radix Dichroae(常山); Plumula Nelumbinis(莲子心); Radix Sophorae(苦参); Herba Artemisiae Annuae(青蒿); Radix Ginseng(人参); Radix Ophiopogonis(麦冬); Radix Glycyrrhizae(甘草)
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