Fufang Furong Paotengshuan
[Common name]
Prescription for Vulval Prurit
[Pharmaceutical dosage]
[Product specifications]
[Attending functions]
 Clearing away heat to dry dampness, killing parasites to relieve itching. It is applicable to damp-heat pruritus vulvae ( including trichomonas and mycotic vaginitis) with the syndromes of flushing swollen and itching genital area, leukorrhagia with yellowish pus or bubble or soybean curb residue sharp discharges , red tongue with yellow and greasy coating as well as soft and rapid pulse.
[Usage and dosage]
Clean valvae with warm water then push the suppository into the vagina, pointed end first and moiste
[Approval number]
National Drugs Approval Number: Z20010091
Product introduction:


Ingredients:Radix Sophorae Flavescentis(苦参); Fructus Cnidii(蛇床子); Cortex Phellodendri(黄柏); Folium Hibisci Mutabilis(木芙蓉叶); Folium Artemisiae Argyi(艾叶); Alumen(白矾)
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